Del Tropic Foods

Social Responsibility

Work Relationships
Since our beginning, we have believed in forming positive bonds with all the individuals involved in our productive chain: employees, suppliers, and customers.  As a consequence, we maintain long and very productive relationships with each one of these links; and are proud to count with personnel with more than twenty years of shared experience, fifteen-year long relationships with suppliers, and twelve-year long relationships with customers, who we now consider our friends. Throughout our history, we have tried to support initiatives that contribute to the sustainability of all those involved in our processes. 

Work Relationships with Employees
We believe in treating all our employees as part of our family to generate a better work team experience. As a result, we pay wages that are over the legally mandated minimum wage and have the internal policy to share 10% of our gross utilities between our employees as a Christmas bonus.  Our employees receive two-week paid vacations, paid maternity leave, subsidized health care, life insurance, and 50% scholarships for exceptional employees.  We offer equal opportunities to all employees, regardless of their gender, race, or religion.  Our company does not hire any individual under the age of 18.

Work Relationships with Suppliers
In general, our suppliers are small farmers with whom we have developed positive relationships for over fifteen years.  The company has helped these farmers grow through constant work and continuous supervision provided by our specialized agronomy technician team.  Food safety is an integral part of all our processes; so all our plantations follow strict standards of Good Agricultural Practices.

Environmentally Conscious Efforts
Since we are an agro industrial company, we depend on our planet and the products it allows us to produce. As a consequence, it is one of our main concerns to help preserve our planet as long as possible.  In 2006, we started monitoring and modifying our processes to reduce our consumption of natural resources; and in the beginning of 2008, we formally created our Environmental Resources Management Program with the central objective to efficiently complete all our processes causing the least possible environmental impact.  The Program focuses on increasing our energy use efficiency (lbs/KW), reducing our water consumption, and educating our employees about the importance of conserving and protecting the natural environment.  These objectives are being accomplished thanks to our personnel’s change of habits, the acquisition of new technology, and small modifications to our processes.

Environmentally Conscious Efforts with Customers
We are currently implementing an Alliance Program with some of our customers to try to make our agricultural and plant processes more environmentally conscious.