Del Tropic Foods

About Us

We established Del Tropic Foods in 1989 as a family-owned and operated frozen vegetable and fruit processing plant. We are located in El Salvador, Central America.

We know that the only way to produce top quality products is working with the highest quality produce. All of our plantations receive technical support and assistance from our specialized agronomy team with 20+ years experience with these crops. Food quality and security is paramount, reason for which we operate our fields under Good Agricultural Practices and verify that all chemicals used in our plantations are EPA approved. We guarantee the end product’s quality, given that we count with excellent hand labor and quality assurance in the plant as well as on the fields.

Del Tropic Food’s quality is based on its personnel’s 20-year experience and a continuous drive to improve. We are constantly engaged in the training and development of our workforce throughout the entire production chain. We have completed and implemented all HACCP prerequisite programs with AIB International’s approval.

Our client list includes some of the largest and most demanding repacking, retail and processing companies in the frozen food industry. We offer a door to door delivery service anywhere in the USA, and believe that “quality on time means money.”

We invite you to get to know us and do business with us!

Pedro A. Urquilla S.
CEO and President
Del Tropic Foods